Felix Gomez Guillamon Jurado

Starting Halos Digital Agency | Ep3

24th December 2022

Halos has been slowly progressing, both internally and externally. However, we are still looking for our first monthly paying client. During Christmas holidays, both Marc and I will work hard to develop a perfect system for lead generation, which will ideally give us weekly appointments with potential clients from 2023 onwards. Enjoy!

In the last episode we talked about how we had our LinkedIn audience built and several other media presence tasks such as Whatssapp availability or having established a simple outreach strategy for client acquisition. During this period, we advanced on various aspects. Below are a few bullets outlining our progress since the last episode.

  • We have completely changed our Outreach Strategy, implementing a fully automated system using the Waalaxy Software for automating sequences and connections within LinkedIn.
  • We have sent over 700 messages in just 2 weeks to potential clients within the startup SaaS industry.
  • An average 30% response rate and 50% open rate, are pretty decent numbers. Frankly, we have been trying a few copywriting message variations to identify the best performing ones, however, this is an ongoing process.
  • What has been a challenge is knowing how to reach out to prospects without being too salesy.
  • Had a successful sales call with another Startup, and booked a second call for the actual proposal. Unfortunately, this call did not go as well, and we never received a response back.
  • The positives is that we now have a very professional-looking proposal template that can be re-used and adapted for future potential clients. Moreover, we set-out a more clear call structure.
  • Had consistent Weekly Progress meeting.
felix gomez guillamon
felix gomez guillamon

Some of the many things that are left to do:

  • Create a Video Sales Letter for the website.
  • Create a systematic structure for content creation on LinkedIn.
  • Get better and educate ourselves on advertising tools.
  • Set-up company independently and fully legalised.
  • Learn all about client management, operating procedures, automations and service delivery.
  • Learn more about sales
  • Learn and implement tools for managing the agency (CRM, Invoices & contracts, finances, etc).

Our current goal has not changed, we are looking to do the VSL and get our first client as soon as possible, hopefully a long-term one.

We now feel very comfortable with the first client process (doing the discovery call, setting pricing, making a proposal, outreach, etc), however, we cannot starting learning how to do the second process until we book our first client. (service delivery, client communication, company set-up, finances, cost structure, onboarding experience etc).

In addition, the money is not a priority at the moment, we NEED Case Studies.

That is it for now, will come back soon and update you on the progress…