Felix Gomez Guillamon Jurado

Starting Halos Digital Agency | Ep2

6th november 2022

The initial plan to write a monthly update on the Agency’s progress required a change. I have therefore decided to post an update article whenever a significant progress has been made. Since the last episode, several things have happened. Enjoy.

In the last episode we talked about how we had everything «set-up» to start with the real work. Well, throughout this period work has been pretty slow given the start of a new university year and the implications this goes along with. However, we did advance on various aspects. Below are a few bullets outlining our progress since the last episode.

  • Had a 45 min sales videocall with a Startup. Learnt a lot on the call despite not getting a second call (for now). They said they will reach out when they decide to start marketing their business.
  • Established LinkedIn outreach strategy using tools such as Pitchbook or Crunchbase to access contacts. We are launching the strategy tomorrow. Minimum 10 daily outreach messages each through LinkedIn.
  • Have a clearer plan in order. With weekly progress meetings.
  • Included CRO as one of our services (We want to solely offer this service in the future).
felix gomez guillamon
felix gomez guillamon

Some of the many things that are left to do:

  • Create a Video Sales Letter for the website.
  • Create a valuable audience on LinkedIn though community / valuable posts.
  • Get better and educate ourselves on advertising tools.
  • Set-up company independently and fully legalised.
  • Learn all about client management, operating procedures, automations and service delivery.
  • Have a clear pricing structure and call scripts + learn how to sell better.
  • Learn and implement tools for managing the agency (CRM, Invoices & contracts, finances, etc).

Our current goal has not changed, we are looking to do the VSL and get our first client as soon as possible, hopefully a long-term one. In addition, the money is not a priority at the moment, we NEED Case Studies.

That is it for now, will come back soon and update you on the progress…