Felix Gomez Guillamon Jurado

React Front-End Dashboard Project

Developed a comprehensive dashboard application using a robust stack of modern web technologies, using Material UI as the main backbone of existing components.


  • The core of the application was built using React (v18.2.0), a popular JavaScript library for creating interactive user interfaces. It served as the primary building block for the entire application, providing a solid base for integrating other libraries and frameworks.


  • For the calendar management functionality, I integrated FullCalendar. This gave users the ability to interact with a dynamic calendar, improving the user interface’s overall interactivity and practicality.


  • Data visualization was a key feature of this dashboard. To implement it, I used Nivo Charts, which allowed for the creation of rich and interactive charts and data visualizations, enhancing the user experience by providing a visual representation of complex data.


  • The aesthetic of the user interface was another area of focus. To ensure a clean, intuitive design, I utilized Material UI, a popular UI framework for React applications. This provided a consistent and appealing look and feel throughout the application.


  • For form handling and validation, I incorporated Formik, a well-regarded library for building superior forms in React. This increased the robustness of the form handling process, ensuring data integrity and enhancing the user experience.


  • To make the application’s navigation seamless, I used React Router Dom, which allowed me to implement routing and ensure the correct components were rendered based on the current URL path.

react dashboard
felix gomez guillamon
felix gomez guillamon