Felix Gomez Guillamon Jurado

Full Stack Banking System with CI/CD

Developed a comprehensive application, «Bank System», designed to simulate a banking environment, encompassing a backend API, a frontend interface, and associated infrastructure configurations. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the tasks involved:


Backend API Development

  • Engineered the backend using Python, serving as the API responsible for handling and processing all the business logic related to banking operations.
  • Structured the backend with essential files like __init__.py for initializing the Python package, models.py for defining data models, and routes.py for containing route definitions and associated handlers.
  • Ensured robust functionality by incorporating a suite of tests, including configurations in conftest.py, functional tests for route handlers in test_routes.py, and unit tests for data models in test_model.py


Frontend Development

  • Developed the frontend using Vue.js, providing a user interface for interacting with the bank system.
  • Established the structure with App.vue as the main component, main.js for initializing the application, index.js for defining routes, and various Vue components like AppAccounts.vue, HomePage.vue, and Skull.vue.
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Infrastructure Management

  • Defined infrastructure-as-code configurations in the app-service.bicep file for deploying the application.



  • Ensured the functionality of the backend API with a series of tests located in the backend/tests directory.



  • Configured deployments to Azure, ensuring that only the production code is deployed when a new release in the main branch is created, while all development code is deployed in the dev branch.
  • Defined deployment configurations and workflows in the .github/workflows/full-stack-bank.yml file, setting up a CI/CD pipeline for the application using GitHub Actions.